New Year’s resolutions for a new life

The end of the year is time for many to look back and evaluate the year and set new goals for the coming year. For the newly separated or divorced, this can be cause for optimism. This fresh start is certainly a cause for optimism, but this year, it may be especially important to pursue those new goals as they redefine who they are as parents and people.

5 Resolutions that can make a difference

Here are some post-divorce/separation goals experts recommend for furthering those goals for positive change:

  1. Be a great co-parent: The parents will break new ground in the new year, so look at it as an opportunity to put the best foot forward. This includes continuing to make the kids’ well-being a priority. A helpful approach includes remembering that an ex also wants the best for their children; they are trying their best; and be flexible because things will not always go smoothly.
  2. Let the kids process: Divorce is a major change for many children, so there needs to be extra patience and support as each child goes through their process. Children are resilient, but they still need parental help. Encourage them to talk about it.
  3. Focus on you: The children are not the only ones who need to process. Use that alone time to your advantage, and reach out to non-judgmental family and friends for support and socially distanced companionship. Make sure to eat well and exercise – this will help wash away the stress of the marriage and divorce.
  4. Take control of finances: Usually, one spouse handles a family’s finances, so this new life may be the first time in years where you are paying bills and making financial decisions. Embrace it as an example of how you took back control of your life.
  5. Ask for help: There will likely be adjustments as the entire family finds a new groove. Ask for help as needed from friends and family, but professional help may also be useful.

A new year and a new start

Most of us will be happy to put 2020 in the rear-view mirror, but it is going to take some effort to make 2021 better. Following through on these five tips can help with the process, and perhaps you can add other goals to this list.

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