Perhaps it is time to revisit the idea of divorce mediation

Those planning to go to divorce court in 2020 may find themselves in a holding pattern. This is because the Colorado courts are backed-up because of shutdowns and other complications brought on by the pandemic. And it is not likely to change for some time.

Perhaps divorce negotiations broke down previously, which led the couple to pursue litigation to resolve issues. With that daunting wait in front of them, couples may want to revisit the idea of mediating a divorce. Mediation enables them to work together to draft an agreement regarding all elements of the divorce, including custody, dividing assets, support, and other issues unique to the family.

The benefits of mediation

Whether the couple uses a mediator or also hires separate lawyers, there are many benefits to mediating divorces or other pressing family law issues. The main reasons include:

  • It is faster: Mediation does not rely on a series of court dates to resolve matters. Instead, the couple moves at their own speed to address all the areas in dispute.
  • It is less expensive: Because the process is faster and takes place outside of court, the couple can save money, which can make sense amidst the current economic climate.
  • It is less combative: Court hearings are stressful as each side argues their side of the story. Mediation enables the couple to find common points of agreement and then build consensus on other issues.
  • It is private: Some forget that courts are a public forum, which means there is a public record of all the divorce’s details, and even sealed records can be unsealed.

A two-party solution

Many find that a divorce they created is more successful and less intrusive because they came up with their own arrangements. This wishing to revisit mediation can pick up where they left off or perhaps use a different mediator or mediation format this time. Those with questions should speak with an experienced family law attorney with experience handling mediation. When done right, couples find fair and equitable solutions to areas in dispute. They also may be able to redefine their relationship in a more positive light as the couple carries on as co-parents.

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