More families are turning to surrogacy

Surrogacy is a growing trend among families here in Colorado as well as elsewhere. Yahoo Finance now reports that it has gone from a $112.80 million market in 2015 to a projected to reach $201.40 million by 2025.

Traditionally, the parents worked with a mother who carried the child to birth, using the surrogate’s eggs. Often, they were a relative or friend, making her the biological mother of the baby. Now there is also a gestational process where doctors implant the mother’s egg in the surrogate for gestation.

Driven by a variety of factors

As with adoption, the increased market for surrogacy is based on the infertility of mothers who opt to start families later in life. More and better fertility technology also contributes to this trend. Experts also cite the rise in health awareness of mothers, an increase in disposable income in older parents who wait, and more favorable reimbursement policies.

Addressing legal matters

Surrogacy agreements are usually complex legal documents that are legally binding. Whether there is payment or not, it defines the arrangement between the surrogate and the parents. They outline specific conditions and terms for maintaining the health and safety (mother’s diet, medical care, activities, etc.) of the children during the gestation. It also establishes parentage and rights for the child and parents.

Legal guidance often necessary

Whether working with the increasing number of surrogacy organizations or drafting an agreement with an individual, friend or family member, it is always wise to ensure that the parent’s and baby’s rights are established and protected. Some family law attorneys have experience helping parents build their family in this manner, and can ensure that all foreseeable issues are considered.

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