Is it over, or just a phase?

There are natural ebbs and flows to every marriage or relationship. We are all aware of this on a conscious level or subconscious level. While most ride these ebbs and flows, there may come a time when a spouse will wonder if their partner had a bad day or the partner is no longer interested in spending time with their spouse.

5 questions to ask

The spouse looking for an answer can ask the following as well as other questions:

Are the lines of communication open?

Communication is the key to any successful relationship. Sometimes someone may not feel like talking, but the spouse knows that they will need to communicate at a relatively deep level to resolve any issue or function as a partnership.

Do they blame you?

There is trouble if the relationship has shifted from working together to solve an issue to simply blaming one person for all existing issues.

Are they interested in what you do?

This can be work or something else a spouse is passionate about. Either way, the partner should show a certain level of interest and even be willing to attend activities revolving around this interest if time permits.

Do you compare contributions to the family?

Keeping score of what the other does around the home is never a good sign, but neither is someone not willing to pitch in and work together. Be fair in analyzing the issue and communicate those concerns.

Do long-term plans have both spouses in the picture?

It is a cliché to want to grow old together, but it is a red flag if a couple no longer shares long-term goals they want to work toward with their partner. The marriage could be over if the partner sees themselves as flourishing if they were on their own. 

Solutions will vary

Marriage counseling can help some couples, perhaps to provide an engaged third party who can help mediate concerns. However, if the above questions point to the end of a marriage, it may be time to discuss it with an experienced family law attorney working here in Colorado. These legal professionals can help clients file for divorce and outline possible outcomes if they choose to do so.

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