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It can be a mistake to shut the door on a coparent

Some people go through life shutting every metaphorical door they go through. It means that they drop high school friends in favor of college friends. They drop college friends in favor of work friends. It means they delete or block the numbers of ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends.

Lies and secrets destroy marriages

Trust is an essential part of every healthy marriage, yet about 10% of spouses lie to their partner every day. Sometimes this is intentional with complicity – telling a spouse they look just as young as when you met 20 years ago certainly qualifies as a fib that both of you are in on. Sometimes a spouse lies to avoid discussing an upsetting topic like a bad day at work that has no bearing on the marriage.

What to do when your child prefers the other parent

All parents experience moments when their child dismisses them in favor of the other parent, grandparent or caregiver. This can be heartbreaking, particularly when it happens to the primary caregiver, but any parent. Kids, particularly young ones, don’t mince words. They’ll say something along the lines of, "No, I want daddy to pick me up from school.” Or it can be a matter of insisting that mom, and only mom, can cook for them.

Conscious coparenting during divorce

It has long been accepted wisdom that divorces likely scar the children for life. This fear prompts parents to remain in a loveless marriage, which some believe can be just as damaging over time. The thinking here is that children model their relationships and marriages on the dysfunctional marriages of their parents.

Why divorced parents need to update their estate plan

There are hundreds of details that couples must iron out as they go through the process of filing for divorce. These include a parenting plan, custody, dividing assets and debt, and other issues specific to the family. Often left until after the fact, or completely overlooked, many do not alter estate plan arrangements.

A parenting plan should balance work and kids

The biggest challenge for many parents who divorce is rebalancing their work and home life obligations. For some, it means returning to outside employment to help supplement the family's income. Others find that they are spending more time handling such hands-on tasks as picking up kids from school or participating in daily various activities.

Is it over, or just a phase?

There are natural ebbs and flows to every marriage or relationship. We are all aware of this on a conscious level or subconscious level. While most ride these ebbs and flows, there may come a time when a spouse will wonder if their partner had a bad day or the partner is no longer interested in spending time with their spouse.

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