Some real estate agents specialize in clients getting divorced

It is common for couples planning to divorce also to relocate their residences. This pairs two life-changing events together, perhaps leading to an exponential amount of stress. It may be due to a complicated or acrimonious divorce combined with the sale of the couple’s largest asset, or it may be due to differences over whether or how to sell it.

Fortunately, some real estate agents are trained to work with sellers going through a divorce. These Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialists are often better able to provide useful service and guidance under these challenging conditions. They also understand how divorces are typically structured and how this can impact the sale of a home or property.

Questions divorced couples should ask a realtor

Trained or not to handle divorcing couples, a real estate agent eventually comes across clients filing for divorce. They may be helpful even without specialized training, but clients should ask specific questions to see if the fit is a good one:

  • Does the agent have the training or experience to handle a sale like this?
  • Can they build consensus if the two parties do not agree at first on a plan?
  • Can they be a neutral presence in situations that may involve conflict?
  • Are they willing to represent clients in a high conflict divorce?
  • Have they worked closely with family law professionals?
  • Do they have protocols for taking a divorce-related listing?
  • Can the agent guard personal information about the client’s divorce that they may be privy to?
  • Can they provide references from other clients who have gone through the same challenge?

There are also the typical concerns that any seller will want to address when picking the right agent.

Working with the right professionals is essential

Picking the right real estate agent is crucial for maximizing a property’s value. The agent may need to consult with the clients’ attorneys regarding arrangements, so it essential that agents, attorneys and clients all understand the final goal and the best way to get there. This can avoid adding stress to an already challenging time.

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