Some call off divorce amid the pandemic

There have been numerous news articles predicting or already tracking an increase in the divorce rate. Many attribute this to couples with rocky relationships getting pushed past their breaking point while sheltering in place. Nonetheless, a New York newspaper cites sources saying that some family law attorneys out there are being told “thanks, but no thanks” in following through with plans for divorce.

Why is this happening?

These turn events are attributed to several factors for New Yorkers living in a city and state with the country’s highest coronavirus numbers. According to attorneys interviewed, common reasons include:

  • They reevaluate priorities in light of this lethal pandemic.
  • They create new bonds during the quarantine.
  • Couples were previously too wrapped up in their careers to focus on their marriages.
  • A spouse rises to the occasion by caring for their sick partner and children.
  • While more pragmatic, one couple was afraid of losing health insurance during this health crisis.
  • Another couple was unwilling to split up the family into two homes during this or a subsequent health crisis.
  • The economy is in rough shape, and unemployment is high – challenging times like these traditionally prompt couples to remain together.

Time to take a step back

There is no doubt that some couples will make the right decision in choosing divorce. But stepping back and taking a breath before moving forward may make sense. Perhaps investing in couples’ therapy will help foster their redefined relationship.

If the couple still wishes to move forward with a divorce, they can be secure in the knowledge that they are doing so after considering how their future lives will look in light of this global health crisis.

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