Celebrating Mothers Day in 2020

Mother’s Day for families with divorced parents can be a delicate dance. Regardless of the state of the parents’ relationship, mothers still deserve all the appropriate forms of recognition as the mother of your children. In the past, the ex-spouse could encourage the children to recognize the importance of their mother in their lives, and while handmade gifts are cherished, you may even have to do some shopping for such common Mother’s Day gifts as a favorite sweet, a spa visit, flowers or some other gift.

Participating in or at least helping organize the logistics of these are an excellent opportunity to show the children that the family is still a unit even if the parents live apart. The gestures also often are appreciated by the mother and can help strengthen the working relationship among co-parents.

The circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 virus may upend many of the usual plans and traditions like going to a favorite restaurant or enjoying a particular activity in public. However, there are still many ways to help make the day special.

Ways to facilitate

Whether the children are quarantined in one house or still following the parenting agreement, the other spouse can help make this day special:

  • Plan ahead: Last-minute planning always has a higher likelihood of failure, but this is especially the case in these times.
  • The gift: Deliveries from Amazon, florists and other online retailers are still a viable option even if the store is closed.
  • Visitation: A spouse can make every effort to ensure that the children can visit their mother if they are separated for health and safety reasons. Whether this is providing masks, scheduling a Zoom meetup, or simply allowing them to have the kids for the day even if it is not the usual schedule or written into the parenting plan.
  • Coordinate: Rather than surprise her with a grand gesture, it is better to coordinate to ensure that the day goes smoothly. There may be other plans (perhaps with a new partner or her mom) that you were not aware of, so communication is vital.

These are unprecedented times

The chances are that the children will remember this Mother’s Day due to the circumstances. This also means that the family is likely under a higher amount of stress than usual, so gestures such as honoring a mother can go a long way towards putting a little brightness in their day and week.

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