Virtual mediation may be an option

There are countless reasons why couples choose mediation when filing for divorce. Many like the fact that they can draft their own arrangement. Many like that it is often less expensive and takes less time than litigation. Many like the less confrontational approach where the two sides work together to resolve any differences. While not involving a trial, the agreement is still legally binding when couples sign an agreement.

In light of the Corona Virus pandemic, the courts here in Colorado and around the country are operating with a reduced staff and only providing only essential court services (at least until May 15). Those with the virus or exposed to those that have it are told they should not come to the courthouse.

A viable alternative

Couples who wish to go through with their divorce not only can mediate, but they can also do so remotely. Just as the nation currently works from home and enjoys virtual visits with family and friends, they can also use mediation. Clients stationed in the military, live in different cities or find it more constructive not to be in the same room have used Skype, Zoom or another video conferencing platform in recent years. The attorneys are used to it, as are the mediators. Now with the stay at home order already at a month, clients are used to it as well. Some may have even already used it in discussing their case with their attorney before negotiations begin.

It can also work as a short-term emergency solution for such issues as:

  • Custody schedules
  • Child support
  • Visitation
  • Modifications

These are challenging times

There are countless concerns as families try to stay healthy during these unprecedented times. Mediation using video conferencing may not be ideal for everyone, but it can simplify matters, move the negotiations forward or provide a viable solution for those planning to divorce.

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