Tech help for co-parenting

It seems that the tech-savvy can find an app for everything. So it should come as no surprise that designers have tackled the question of how to deal with the complexities of divorce. There is now a bounty of apps and web services out there to help keep the family functioning.

Tech to keep the peace

Some of these can run $10 to $20 monthly, but the cost can be worth it if it avoids fights, misunderstandings and confusion regarding money, communication as well as pick-ups and drop-offs:

  • OurFamilyWizard: Here, you will find an interactive calendar that includes schedules of parents and children, reminders for medications, the dates of special occasions like birthdays and trips, expense log, and you can even upload receipts. Parents can also communicate through a secure message board.
  • CoParenter: A judge in California helped design this secure and non-trackable message app so the couple can communicate. There’s a filter to take out the naughty language and a Get Help button for on-demand mediation or coaching if the co-parents cannot agree. Both parents need not use the app to reap the benefits.
  • AppClose: This app does most things that the above apps do, but it is free; moreover, the company does not sell private information of clients. This may sound too good to be true, but the company does have plans to monetize by bringing in professionals from the divorce ecosystem.
  • SupportPay: This one is sort of a Venmo for divorced parents to pay child support or alimony. The app also can track spending, so spouses who pay can see where the money goes.
  • TalkingParents: This private communication app time-stamps, acknowledges being seen by the other parent and generally is admissible in court.
  • Mend: This personal coach app helps users regain their sense of self-worth, builds a working relationship with a spouse and even provides a strategy for telling the kids.
  • Divorceify: This location-based app is one-stop shopping for professionals and services tied to divorces, such as vetted attorneys, mediators and therapists. This one is also free.

Nothing replaces the real thing

Co-parents will often see eye-to-eye and do not need anything more than a Google calendar to track the schedules of all involved. While significant issues are often resolved with help from an attorney who drafts an effective parenting agreement, these can nevertheless be useful before, during or after the divorce.

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