What happens if a spouse does not pay child support?

Child support in Colorado uses a formula that includes the income of both parents, but factors in other needs as well. This can include health insurance expenses, special needs of the child, work-related childcare expenses as well as certain expenses unique to the circumstances. This formula is prevalent, but some may still have difficulty paying support or getting support paid by the other parent.

Despite the challenges of meeting these obligations, an obligor should do everything within their power to support their children. This means paying it regularly and on time and ideally without complaint or threat to withhold what they are legally obligated to pay.

What happens if an obligor falls behind

A parent can take several actions against the obligator who fails to pay, which can impact them in different ways at the state and federal level:

  • Financially: A parenting seeking payment can have income withheld, intercept tax refunds, levy financial accounts, or withhold federal payments.
  • Mobility: Those who do not pay child support can be denied a passport or have their license (driver’s, recreational, or occupational)
  • Credit standing: Liens can be put on a property, and credit bureaus may be notified.

Looking after the interests of families

Those with questions are advised to discuss the matter with a knowledgeable family law attorney with experience handling child support disputes. Whether it is a parent who struggles to make payments and needs to modify the agreement, or they are a parent who struggles because they do not receive court-ordered support, the parent can get legal guidance for proceeding effectively. Protecting the best interests of the child is always the primary goal, but those parents who fail to make payments or new arrangements can face grave consequences, including criminal charges.

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