Want to adopt? There are some things you should consider.

For many people, adding to the family can hold a variety of emotions – it can be an exciting, yet stressful, experience. Regardless of whether you have a biological child or choose to adopt, it is important to remember that everyone follows a different path to parenthood, which can all lead to the same result – sharing your love with a child.

For many, adoption is a wonderful way to expand a family. Whether you want to adopt as a single person or are making the decision as a couple, welcoming a child into your home may raise many questions and concerns. And while the thought of giggles and reading bedtime stories may excite you, it would be in the best interest of all involved to make sure you are ready to begin the adoption process.

How will you know when the time is right?

In some cases, if you are adopting as a single it might be good to develop your support system before bringing your child home. But as a couple, getting on the same page about your thoughts, fears and desires is vital. And before moving forward, being in agreement is critical.

Before you begin the adoption process, you would be wise to seriously consider:

  • How badly you want to adopt a child
  • Whether your friends and family support your plans
  • Your approaches to parenting
  • The financial requirements involved
  • Your motivations for adopting

While there may be plenty of things you will want to do to prepare your home for the arrival of a child, the most important thing you can do is be sure you are ready. Then, once you bring your child home, you can learn and grow together, with all the love you have to offer.

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