Anger can be a symptom of depression

The end of a marriage is one of the most difficult and challenging experiences in life. Along with such important details as dividing the assets and creating parenting plans, the emotional component can lead to depression. While the symptoms of depression often involve sad or empty feelings, some of the 16.2 million adults in the United States who live with depression respond with anger.

Our friend anger

Anger is easier to understand and feel for some. Generally speaking, research shows that anger associated with depression involves greater symptom severity and worse treatment response. In other words: If there is anger, the anger is a sign of something really not working. Those lashing out at friends, loved ones and even strangers more often than usual might want to consider reaching out to a health professional instead of brushing the behavior aside.

Self directed anger is anger that is turned inward and fuels the need to withdraw from relationships, even healthy ones. This goes hand in hand with lashing out, which effectively pushes people away.

Men more prone to anger

Women are susceptible to feelings of anger, but it is more common in men. Moreover, nearly one in five men will have major depression at least at one point in their lives. Men are also four times more likely than women to die by suicide.

Steps that can be taken

Along with seeking professional help, other steps include:

  • Finding a medication that is effective
  • Increasing body awareness through physical exercise and conscious breathing
  • Journaling can provide a healthy outlet for the anger and provide signposts to find the root cause for the depression

Empowering clients to address the issue

Depression can be the catalyst for the divorce, it can appear once the process has begun or even after it is finalized. A conscientious attorney can protect individual and parental rights as the client focuses on finding a healthy and effective solution to their depression. They can also help to tactfully intercede on behalf of the other spouse if there is issues involving safety and the well-being of the family.

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