Taking a new relationship public after divorce

The recent announcement of Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos made a lot of headlines. We even discussed it on this blog. While the $137 billion estate made for interesting reading and discussion around dividing assets, the other part of the news cycle involved the fact that Jeff Bezos was already dating another woman and the National Enquirer quickly released a story about the racy texts that the two had been sharing.

Hopefully the Bezos children, immediate family and close friends were all aware of the impending divorce and new relationship before it was splashed across the internet. However, that may not have been the case. Either way, the decision to announce a new relationship (or allow a new partner to do it) should be weighed carefully, regardless of whether you are being followed in the media or simply want to be mindful of how this news impacts loved ones.

Managing the transition

According to counselors who work with clients getting divorced, there are two common approaches when it comes to post-divorce relationships:

With kids: Parents should put the kids first and only introduce a new partner when that relationship is a stable one where they can become a part of the new reality. A revolving door of partners should be avoided. The parent should be extremely cautious about social media, so gossip does not trickle down from other parents to their children then to your own children.

Without kids: Experts believe there should still be some soul searching about the motives for going public with the relationship, particularly when posting on social media. It should not be about winning the breakup by having the best rebound, and there are still likely to be the feelings of close friends and family to consider.

All of this in not uncommon

Helpful family law attorneys protect the individual, financial and parental rights of clients. However, they also work with people going through divorce and see the impact it has on their lives. Often they can even provide advice and referrals to counselors for individuals and their children that can help with the transition.

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