Tips to celebrate the holidays with a newly adopted child

The holiday season can be a time to appreciate your many blessings. Many people look forward to celebrating with friends and family. If you have recently added to your family through adoption, you may have additional considerations that come with an expanding family.

Parents of a newly-adopted child may feel pressure to host the best holiday season to help ease the transition for them and their child. There are some very positive ways to help families navigate the season after the happy addition of an adopted child.

Create new traditions

Holiday traditions are often magical memories for children, and each family incorporates their own rituals into their routine. With a new member of the family, you can start a new tradition or include rituals from the child’s background whether it is different from a cultural perspective or otherwise. Include friends and family to fully embrace this wonderful new perspective.

Educate other family members

Most families have a transition period while introducing an adopted child to a new home. However, it can also be helpful to prepare extended family members for the change. Encourage them to ask questions about the adoption ahead of time in order to avoid awkward moments at the celebration itself.

Be open when discussing the details of the adoption with the child and then with the extended family. A process for open communication sets a foundation for the child to talk about their adoption with friends or peers openly.

Start a conversation with your child

Along with educating family members, it is important to have an open discussion with your child about what to expect and anything you can do to support them. They may meet many people in one celebration and feel overwhelmed. A conversation before the onslaught of new experiences can allow the child to express their concerns ahead of time and for you to offer support and answer questions.

Manage expectations

Parents should focus on making the holidays an enriching experience that will strengthen the family’s bond. Not everything needs to be perfect to be a positive experience. Keeping things simple and having realistic expectations for the celebrations will help ease the process for everyone.

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