Does your spouse have a Borderline Personality Disorder?

Mental health issues are often difficult to pinpoint, particularly if you are not an expert. Nevertheless, these disorders can lead to a lot of pain, frustration and confusion for those who live, work or interact with the person. Mental health experts believe that issues like Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) are characterized through different patterns of behavior or trends, which can show in every aspect of an individual’s life.

While a few traits may be obvious to those around the individual with BPD, there may be up to five different symptoms. Regardless of the setting or issue, people with BPD have intense emotions, intense relations and impulsivity issues that can make them difficult to deal with or understand. This can take its toll on a marriage, sometimes irreparably damaging it.

Recognizing BPD

Final diagnosis should be done if possible by a licensed mental health professional, but tips for recognizing the symptoms can provide insight for those facing relationship and marriage challenges.

  1. Sudden mood changes: Typically, these people are very sensitive to their environment, which translates into shifts in mood based on events happening in their lives. They have difficulty discerning or dealing with everyday variations in their routine.
  2. Interests and values also change suddenly: Individuals with BPD will often question who they are and see their personality as malleable, which means their obsessive interests will come and go.
  3. Struggles with substance abuse: Those with mood swings and impulse control issues often are vulnerable to substance abuse. This is particularly the case for those suffering from BPD.
  4. They may have out of body experiences: Feelings of dissociation leaves individuals disconnected. An example would be to seemingly look down at their body and actions from above. They may also forget things too often, which are called dissociative amnesia.
  5. Struggles with trust: This common trait also leads to violent swings between positive and negative feelings about someone. It is often described as people who are hot or cold.

This disorder is treatable

BPD is treatable regardless of whether the marriage is irreparably damaged, which is good news for the person suffering from BPD. However, the intensity of being around these people can just be too much for spouses and even children. Compassion and empathy are needed, but it still may be time to speak with a knowledgeable and experienced family law attorney here in Colorado if spouses feel that divorce is their only option.

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