Spying on spouse is never a good idea

Technology enables us to do many things more easily and faster. This includes spying on a spouse. Home security systems and the technology in smart houses make it easy enough to monitor the activities in a home from anywhere online. A husband who bought a car can easily set of the GPS so that he can see where and when the car travels, which does not change when divorce proceedings begin. A wife can simply put an inexpensive GPS tracker in the soon to be ex’s car. Simple things like the Find My iPhone app or knowing a spouse’s computer passwords can make it all too easy to check on someone.

Legal or illegal, dont do it

If the car is co-owned, there is no law against tracking it. However, if this is not the case, tracking someone may lead criminal charges of stalking, which is a class six felony here in Colorado. If judges suspect that information was obtained by illegal means, they may rule it as inadmissible. Juries can also award cash settlements for punitive damages if there is a civil trial.

With this in mind, it is important to remember that no amount of good intention or reasoning will blunt the impact that a felony charge or spying charges has upon spouse and/or parent getting divorced.

Legal and illegal actions the sleuth should avoid include:

  • Recording conversations without consent of the other party
  • Gaining unauthorized access to computers or devices
  • Installing spyware on those computers or devices
  • Using a nanny-cam
  • Following spouse or having someone else do it
  • Unauthorized access to bank accounts or other personal accounts
  • Opening personal mail without permission
  • Unauthorized entry of a home

The best revenge is simply moving on

People acting suspiciously usually engage in other acts that will also reflect badly on them during divorce proceedings. Let the attorneys sort it out while adhering to legal boundaries so it is admissible in court. Moreover, relationship experts also believe that spying on an ex slows the recovery process.

With so much down side, it best to avoid temptation. The best revenge is stay above the nasty behavior, be a good parent and take steps to move forward to better life. Working with an attorney can help men and women deal with a spouse who is stalking or violating personal boundaries. They can also provide additional support if the behavior gets worse during the divorce process.

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