Millennials learning from parents

There has been a lot of discussion of the rise of “grey divorces.” However, while the rates of divorce for 55-and-up couples are at historic highs, something different is happening with the children. Millennials under 45-years-old are divorcing at a much lower rate than baby boomers born before 1965.  

New data from study

There is now a new study published by a researcher at the University of Maryland that tracks the reasons why. Demographers already knew that divorce rates were remaining steady, but this was only because of the aforementioned boomers continuing to divorce.

The study not only tracked the rates but also the trends involved. The major reasons for the lower rates were:

Couples are waiting: Whereas previous generations got married young, perhaps not even out of school, they are now waiting.

Fewer are marrying: Individuals are no longer concerned about the social stigma of living without a spouse. Nor are those divorcing getting remarried in high numbers, which may lead once again to divorce.

An achievement of status: Marriage is done after the career is established and the ideal partner is found.

Couples may raise kids but not be married: Poorer and less educated individuals are opting for cohabitation instead of marriage. Studies find that these relationships tend to be less stable and therefore more likely to divorce if they had married.

Other factors to consider

Millennials’ behavior seems to be a source of fascination for media and researchers alike. Other studies have concluded that millennials are more apt to use a prenuptial agreement. They are also more likely to keep separate bank accounts.

Family law attorneys understand that the millennial family unit more varied than previous generations. They can help couples address a variety of issues unique to the family’s interests in a way that is equitable for all involved. This can mean drafting agreements, employing the less confrontational approach of mediation, or litigation in a court of law when necessary. Listening to the client’s needs determines the approach and how to start the process.

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