How to divide property without resorting to a battle

Divorce doesn’t have to be a fight. This is something we always stress to our clients. There is no divorce that is easy and painless, but there are ways to get one done without going to court or having a long, contentious battle.

This may seem impossible, especially when it comes to property division. You’ll want to ensure your post-divorce financial future, after all. However, there are ways to reach an amicable agreement that leaves both parties comfortable in their new life.

Keep the talks neutral

Mediation can be a great option for divorcing couples. During mediation a third party (the mediator) helps a couple work through issues and reach a mutually beneficial agreement. The mediator does not represent either party — instead serving as an impartial facilitator of an agreement. This can help keep the talks on track and minimize conflict, which often leaves both sides more comfortable with property division decisions.

Save time and money with collaborative law

Collaborative law is another option for property division. Like mediation, collaborative law involves negotiation, but doesn’t require a mediator. Instead, you and your spouse work together to create an arrangement that works for you.

This option helps you avoid a long divorce. It also saves both sides money. By negotiating an agreement for your property, you lessen the chances that either side will feel slighted. This can set you both up well for the future.

Protect your kids

Even when it comes to property division, your kids are likely at the core of every decision you make. The family home can be especially important, as your children may have a strong connection to the house.

While financial accounts may not apply as directly to your minor children, money can cause stress that can affect the kids. By using less confrontational methods, you can protect your kids from hardship, as well as conversations they may not be equipped to have.

Divorce is hard on everyone, no matter how you go about it. We believe there are ways to make it a little easier, and leave everyone with their fair share when it’s over.

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