Tackling the stigma of mental health in divorce

It is no secret that mental health plays a huge role in many divorces. Whether one or both people in the relationship suffers from mental health issues, when mental illness is not effectively addressed the end result can be the end of the relationship. Even when a couple understands that mental illness exists on some level, it can be challenging to get the help needed to cope with the illness and persevere together.

The role of addressing mental health issues in the divorce process itself, therefore, cannot be underestimated. It is often the elephant in the room and will impede the resolution of your divorce if not discussed. Thankfully, there are professionals who recognize the existence of this issue for separating couples and have the tools to help you navigate the challenges.

Here are some important considerations if you are considering separation or divorce:

Men are often less likely to get help

When facing mental health issues or a crisis, men are less likely to seek out professional or therapeutic help. They often fear a stigma of a diagnosis and will not seek help even when faced with the incredible stress of a divorce. In Colorado, El Paso County Public Health leaders recently announced a local initiative to address mental health issues among men. It is important for men as well as women to address their mental health concerns through therapeutic or other means.

Divorce attorneys are not trained therapists

At least, most of them are not. Divorce attorneys are very sympathetic to their clients’ emotional struggles. They acknowledge that you are going through an incredibly challenging time emotionally. However, they are your legal advisors. Most family law attorneys will advise clients that therapists are better equipped at assisting you with any mental health concerns you need to address.

Getting help is the most important thing you can do for your family

Mental health issues don’t just go away. They require careful and thoughtful attention so you can resume your life in a healthy way. Divorce can cause considerable stress in your personal life. Take the time to address these concerns so that you can move forward with your family in a positive manner. Your children will thank you for taking the time to take care of yourselves so that both parents can be present in their lives.

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