Post-divorce child custody and child support modification

Life can be full of changes, some expected and some unexpected. While you can foresee some of what may happen in your life, there are inevitably some things that just catch you off guard.

Life changes are common after a divorce, which is why it may make sense to seek a modification to a parental agreement. Whether you have a career opportunity, want to relocate to a new town, or if you meet a new partner, these changes may impact your relationships, your co-parenting obligations your time and your financial picture.

Many reasons for a modification

Whether it is allocation of parenting time or child support related, when you have a life change it may affect your former partner and your parenting plan as well. The parenting time allocation considers what is in the best interests of the children. As you look to modify, that consideration should be foremost in the modification as well. Modifications allow for new opportunities and both parties should strive to make any change workable. 

There are different modification procedures for different situations, including parental decision-making, allocation of parenting time and child support. Parents moving into Colorado may want to consider a petition to transfer out-of-state agreements into local courts.

Demonstrating the reason for modification

A fundamental part of co-parenting is the ability to adapt to new situations. There are added complications when parents live in different households, but any settlement can be and should be updated under the right conditions. Modifications can be straightforward if both parents agree. However, when they do not agree, it may be a more complex process. An experienced attorney will be able to advise on the best way to proceed with modification given your personal situation.

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