Collaborative Parenting After Divorce (Pt. 2)

In our last post we discussed some of the methods to improve your co-parenting arrangement after a divorce. Here are some additional general considerations that we believe are also helpful to support collaborative communication and parenting.

Rules For Communication

Communication is critical to co-parenting after a divorce. This may seem daunting as many divorcing couples report problems with communication during their marriage. You may consider taking co-parenting classes and/or working with a therapist who specializes in co-parenting after divorce. There are many tools you can use to learn to more positively and productively communicate. In the past we’ve discussed some helpful online communication tools

Consistent, But Flexible

When you work together to address the issues your family may encounter ahead of time, you will find that co-parenting comes a lot easier than you thought it might. While you want to be consistent and honor the agreements you have reached, flexibility is also important when unforeseen circumstances arise. Flexibility is a two-way street however, and if you request accommodation from other parent, prepare to compromise on something else now or in the future. Remember, this flexibility often benefits your children as parents should agree it is important for children to attend special family events, vacations and the like.

Collaborative Parenting Is Good For Your Whole Family

Working well with your ex may seem like an impossible feat to some who are going through a divorce, but trust us when we tell you that it will benefit you and your children in the long-run. On a daily basis, we see the impact of family discord on children and we encourage our clients to seek alternative, less damaging means of resolving differences. Your attorney should be open to discussing how best to start on the path to a healthy co-parenting plan.


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