3 Questions Attorneys Should Be Asking You

When you start interviewing attorneys for your family law matter, you may realize that the attorney is also asking questions to make a determination of their own. Attorneys want to make sure that the attorney-client relationship is a good fit for both the represented party and the lawyer. This is a good practice because both parties are better off when they take steps to fully evaluate any potential issues that may arise during the representation. 

In a recent Colorado Bar Association Law Practice Management Newsletter, three key questions are presented. Many attorneys consider these questions and the responses of potential clients. Attorneys will often evaluate whether the answers given align with potential outcomes in that particular case. 

The three questions posed include:

  • “In a perfect world, what would the ideal outcome be for you?”
  • “What would be the worst outcome?”
  • “What information might come out that you’re worried about, or that you’d rather not be known?”

All of these are great questions. The first two deal with managing client expectations. A good attorney should be giving you realistic advice and advocating for your best potential outcome all at the same time. An attorney doesn’t do you any favors by sugar-coating their advice.

The last of the questions deals with trusting your attorney with sensitive information. We know it is hard to reveal unpleasant facts or circumstances in your life. However, without this information, your attorney is unable to fully advise you and appropriately manage the case. It is far better to let your attorney know the uncomfortable truth before it becomes a bigger issue.

Be cautious about the attorney that promises a certain outcome or result. Attorneys are advocates, not fortune-tellers, and many different factors impact the outcome of each case. 

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