#DivorceSelfie: Millennials Divorce Their Way To End Stigma

Would you consider taking a selfie when your divorce is granted? Some millennials are approaching divorce in a more positive way by publicly acknowledging their divorce in a #DivorceSelfie and posting them on social media.

The idea behind the #DivorceSelfie is that a divorce can be a positive experience for some couples who, for whatever reason, simply cannot make a marriage work together. Rather than viewing divorce as a negative, these couples – or rather ex-couples – are realizing that there is strength in moving forward in a positive way. In addition, they are attempting to minimize the stigma some people associate with getting a divorce. Some couples expect that, although their marriage has ended, they can be friends and support one another as they move forward with their lives.

Being able to re-frame what typically is viewed as a negative and emotionally devastating event into a far more positive one, is a big step in the divorce recovery process. While some people are so hurt that they cannot move past their anger and negativity, it is clear that other people are able to reach for and attain a level of emotional maturity that is far healthier for them and their children.

The American Psychological Association supported this line of thought by stating that when couples have a more positive approach, it lessens the upheaval for kids and the children “do better when they maintain close contact with both parents.”

They continue to state that divorce shouldn’t be seen as a “battle.” Rather, the focus should be on cooperation and communication. By pursuing divorce mediation and/or a collaborative divorce process, instead of a courtroom battle, the focus is on resolution, enabling the process to be less divisive.

While some millennials more positive approach isn’t necessarily a new idea, the idea of using social media to put a healthy and positive spin on divorce is a new concept. By allowing themselves to be somewhat vulnerable it may open to the door for others to take the same positive path. It also allows friends to offer positive support

While a divorce may not always be a positive experience, there are opportunities for growth and cooperation throughout. What would you do to make your divorce more positive for yourself, your spouse and your children?





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