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Spotting a narcissist

Sometimes our willingness to see the best in others leads to disappointment down the line. It may be due to a behavior your partner does not even realize they exhibit; but nonetheless, it may be increasingly difficult to embrace or tolerate the behavior as the conflict escalates and slights mount during the marriage or relationship.

According to Psychology Today, up to 6.2 percent of adults have narcissistic personality disorder. Whether diagnosed by a therapist or simply displaying these tendencies, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to be involved with this person as a spouse, romantic partner or friend if they exhibit this kind of behavior.

Can child support cover college costs?

It's August, which means that back-to-school season is in full swing. It's time to wind down the late nights, relaxed rules and flexibility of the summer and get back into the school-year routines of homework, actual bedtimes and endless soccer practices. As a divorced parent, the familiarity of the season may be a welcome break from the craziness of summer.

Except that this year, it will be different. This year is your child's last year of high school. You may have been able to ignore it for most of the summer, but the reality is finally here: Your child will be leaving the nest soon for college. Most high school seniors apply to college in the fall. Maybe you took the time to visit a few universities last spring break or over the summer. All of this anticipation has probably got you thinking: how are you going to pay for it all?

Job performance is often affected by divorce

Many employees do their best to keep their personal life separate from their work. Some are successful at it, while others are less so. No matter who you are, however, it is likely that the stress of going through divorce is going to affect your performance even when work seems to be the only area of your life where you feel in control. The trick is to try and minimize your divorce's impact on your professional life and focus on staying on track in your career. Below are some helpful strategies for making the best of a difficult transition. According to a divorce coach, the general themes to remember are that communication and organization are key, but there are some specific strategies as well:

Minimizing divorce conflict with the Collaborative Law process

Accepting that a divorce is inevitable can be a devastating realization. When you think about divorce, you are likely worried that it will be full of anger, resentment, and frustration. What if you could choose an option that minimizes this conflict by the very process itself? 

Many couples choose the Collaborative Law approach to alleviate the fear and anguish that often accompanies divorce. Divorce in the Collaborative process can still be stressful, but Collaborative Law professionals work hard to address common pain points and issues before they become heightened conflict. The Collaborative Law process gives you the greatest amount of control without interference from courts.

The benefits of mediation when parenting time is at issue

For many people, mediation may be a word they have heard before or a concept they are vaguely familiar with; however, most people may not have engaged in a formal mediation.  Mediation is a wonderful alternative to litigation that allows parties to take control of the outcome of their case.  Mediation involves using a neutral third-party - a mediator - in order to reach an agreement on contested issues. The parties may elect to have their own divorce attorney attend mediation The mediator doesn't represent either party. Mediation can be especially useful when parenting time is at issue. Divorce is never an easy process, and this is especially true when children are involved.

The separation of two parents can inevitably lead to issues regarding how they will handle parenting time and decision making for for their children. Feelings of anger, disappointment and fear may accompany the decision to separate, and these feeling could distract  even the best  parent from keeping the child’s best interests in mind. In mediation, the mediator can help the parents focus  on crafting a creative and effective resolution appropriate for their unique circumstances.

Back to school shopping strategies

Back to school shopping is an annual rite for many that can bring up memories of getting new shoes and clothes as well as school supplies. While stores seem to start putting out their school displays earlier and earlier each year, the first time this is done as a divorced parent can be challenging both emotionally and financially. There are a number of areas that can cause stress, so here are some strategies for gracefully adjusting to your new reality:

  • Be smart about cost: Do not try to compensate by overspending. Shop at the end-of-summer or back to school sales. Think ahead and buy in multiple sizes if there is a great deal on shoes, hoodies and other pieces of clothing that they will wear all the time.

Divorce and the importance of considering your adult children

That the divorce of their parents often negatively impacts adult children may not be something you often think about, but it is worth considering if divorce is your future. This is especially true with the rise in so-called "gray divorce" - which is a term used for couples divorcing later in life.

While it is true that younger children may be more directly impacted by the day-to-day parenting arrangements and logistics, adult children are just as likely to have emotional stress when their parents are going through a divorce. Not surprisingly, many parents expect that adult children will be more "grown-up" about their reaction to this news. However, for many in this position, the revelation is devastating. 

Tips for telling people you are getting divorced

You have spoken with an attorney and filed the paperwork for divorce. There are a million details to follow but near the top is telling family, friends and even work that you are getting divorced. This is an understandably difficult conversation when you tell the kids, but some are surprised at how this news will affect others in their sphere.

There are now more options than ever on how you go about telling people thanks to the advent of social media. Should you meet people face to face, give a quick call, or even throw a divorce party? Each person chooses an approach that works for them; but rather than blurt it out on Facebook, it may be wise to put some thought into the matter.

Is your marriage on the rocks? Your commute could be to blame.

Is your drive to and from work the thing you dread most about your day? Does being stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic day in, day out make you want to scream? If this sounds like you, you're not alone.

Denver residents rank 13th in the country for most stressful commutes. With a steady increase of people moving to Denver each year, the city is growing unusually rapidly. Roadways and infrastructure must suddenly accommodate higher traffic--which means higher congestion and longer commute times.

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