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How are assets divided in military divorces?

Families with military personnel in them face many unique challenges. There are the issues of moving around as service people get transferred, there may be long periods away during deployment, and of course, the stress they are in harm’s way as they serve our country. Not surprisingly, the stress involved in these unique circumstances can lead military couples to file for divorce.

The U.S. military lets states handle divorce whenever possible, but there is also federal law in place specifically designed to address specific issues. One example is that couples may not be in the same town during the divorce process because of their deployment. It also addresses how non-military spouses get payment for support, dividing retirement benefits and how the Defense Finance and Account Service (DFAS) works if the marriage lasted longer than ten years.

Complimenting a teen daughter can be difficult for dad

Fathers with teen daughters often lead a precarious and complicated life. Developmentally speaking, teenage daughters are often caught up in insecurities that can even be debilitating. While dad may be a safe zone that is less complex than a mother-daughter dynamic, he does not get a free pass. There are some complicated scenarios that he may find himself involved in, such as explaining the general stupidity of boys her age, consoling her when her friends act like enemies and doing typical dad stuff like teaching her how to maintain a car or shopping for colleges.

Paying a compliment to a girl this age can be tricky for dads. It’s natural to want to build them up and tell them they are loved and valued if they are feeling down, but dads quickly find that misplayed compliments make self-conscious girls feel worse.

Lack of gratitude tied to lower relationship satisfaction

The title above may seem obvious, but researchers have found the underlying cause of why certain people cannot have healthy romantic relationships, leaving them feeling less happy about it. According to a new article published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, some partners’ sense of gratitude for the other partner controls the level of the former’s satisfaction with romantic relationships and attachment avoidance.

The study

Strategies for moving on after grey divorce

The topic of grey divorce is a popular one. Many focus on why it is becoming increasingly common, while others discuss its impact on the nest egg and retirement. Some hard truths may come to light, particularly when it comes to finances, but there is also the fact that newly single folks over 50 have the excitement of starting a new life, ideally one that will bring them a greater amount of happiness and satisfaction.

Younger couples who file for divorce are typically still in the thick of a life that involves raising a family and/or trying to achieve career goals. Older couples, on the other hand, may have already done those things, which leaves them freedom to go off in new and uncharted directions.

Is there such a thing as an ironclad prenup?

Marital agreements, also known as prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, have become increasingly common in recent years. While some see them as pessimistic, these useful tools can provide a guideline of how a marriage and potential divorce will look. Typical details often involve rights and obligations for financial support, responsibility for liability or debt, property ownership, and other details unique to the marriage. They must be put in writing and signed before the wedding if it is a premarital agreement.

Generally speaking, couples should each work with an experienced family law attorney to ensure that their agreed-upon arrangement is in writing. Attorneys work extremely hard to address all conceivable issues regarding money and support; however, mitigating circumstances can leave parts or all of the agreement unenforceable.

How divorced parents can prepare for fall semesters

For Denver parents that recently divorced, the first season of the school year can be especially challenging. Their children will now come home to a household with only one parent after a tough day of classes.

Several studies link divorces to a decline in a child’s academic performance. Last year, Iowa State University found that 27 percent of children with divorced parents earn a bachelor’s degree or higher, which is 23 percent less than those with married parents.

What happens if a spouse does not pay child support?

Child support in Colorado uses a formula that includes the income of both parents, but factors in other needs as well. This can include health insurance expenses, special needs of the child, work-related childcare expenses as well as certain expenses unique to the circumstances. This formula is prevalent, but some may still have difficulty paying support or getting support paid by the other parent.

Despite the challenges of meeting these obligations, an obligor should do everything within their power to support their children. This means paying it regularly and on time and ideally without complaint or threat to withhold what they are legally obligated to pay.

It’s hard for many of us to make friends

Many filing for divorce wonder if they will ever date or find love again. However, couples who come from the same social circle or married for an extended period may also wish to widen their group of friends. The reasons for this are varied, including spending less time with an ex in social situations or trying to redefine one’s internal and external identity.

Craving meaningful friendship and community is as old as time, but we seem to have moved away from it as we strive to build online brands or seek social connections in the digital realm. In light of this shift, experts believe that we need to rediscover our skills for finding new friends, differentiating good friends from bad ones, and being a good friend to others.

Avoiding the "wasted years" syndrome

Those going through a divorce will often find themselves going through a trajectory called the five stages of grief. These are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. The trajectory, length of each step, or even whether a person experiences any or all five of the steps will vary depending on the individual and the circumstances of the divorce. One divorced writer in Portland even added an unusual sixth step to his road to recovery: remorse.

A big waste of time

Avoiding conflict may make matters worse

Each couple has their unique chemistry. Some resolve all their issues with businesslike efficiency, some engage in constant bickering, some have “loud” discussions and then reconcile. Whatever the approach, the key for effectively resolving a marital issue is to respect each other and display an empathetic attempt to understand what the other spouse feels.

Positives to healthy disagreements include:

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