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Addressing conflict during divorce

Divorce is a stressful time often filled with conflict. While we all like to think that we gracefully rise to the occasion in a time of conflict, that may not be true at first. People react to pressure in different ways, and sometimes those responses are not consistent with who they usually are. Suddenly, a logical and level-headed adult turns into a screaming or irrational person they do not recognize.

According to experts, these responses to conflict or the threat of conflict can be a matter of a lack of experience addressing disputes with serious implications, which leaves them unsure of how to behave. Many may not realize that resolving disputes is a choice where it can be done in a positive or a negative manner.

Setting boundaries and expectations after divorce

Parents may feel like their lives are spinning a little bit out of control at times as they adjust to their post-divorce lives. Nevertheless, it is crucial to the ongoing health of the family to remain consistent with your behavior as well as expectations towards your children.

Children are also going through an adjustment process. They might internalize guilt for decisions outside their control, and depending on where they are in their development; they may not have the processing capability to tell you what they think or how they feel. As a result, their behavior may be a better judge of how they are handling the change in their family.

How mental health issues impact custody

It is a given these days that parents are going to have joint custody. Family experts believe it is in the best interests of the children to have both parents active in their lives, but in honor of May being Mental Health Month, we thought it would be helpful to discuss how this illness can affect child custody.

While the couple may not even be aware of a mental health issue as it tears the marriage apart, it is essential to address the matter as soon as possible. Some may feel it is better to keep their illness a secret until after the divorce is final, but often this can be a mistake. Inability to care for oneself or others is a red flag if it goes undiagnosed, potentially leading a parent to be deemed unfit or neglectful.

Can divorce affect my credit score?

Divorce affects some of the most crucial aspects of our lives; it changes our family dynamic, divides our property and ends a significant relationship. However, divorce modifies all the little details in our daily routines.

One of those details is our credit score. It’s easy to overlook credit scores amid a costly separation, but if you do not protect your credit score during a divorce, you may end with considerable challenges in the future.

Moving beyond feelings of shame after divorce

Divorce is one of the most difficult experiences many will face. Even in the best of circumstances where the couple works together to resolve issues like parenting plans and custody, determining child support or other thorny issues, there is still a feeling of mixed emotions. Some will no doubt be a sense of relief at putting the marital dysfunction behind oneself, but there can also be a nagging sense of shame.

The negative inside

Steps to an amicable divorce

Regardless of whether you saw it coming or were completely blindsided, its is now a fact and your divorce is happening. Spouses will now make a series of decisions that likely have repercussions upon the rest of your life as well as those of your children. The impact will likely even go outside the family to extended family, social circles and your community.

How we navigate the familial, social and personal challenges will not only say a lot about who we are as a person, but it is also opportunity to show who we would like to be.

Three eagles and non-traditional families

Spring is in the air. So it made sense that NPR published a story about three Bald Eagles working together to raise three eaglets. The family of six reside in Northern Illinois along the banks of the Mississippi River.

Together since 2017, the male adults are named Valor I and Valor II and the female is named Starr. Starr is the two males' second mate after a first female named Hope was attacked by other eagles and subsequently disappeared. According to the stewards of the park, the two males courted Starr together and likely both fathered the eggs.

Want to adopt? There are some things you should consider.

For many people, adding to the family can hold a variety of emotions – it can be an exciting, yet stressful, experience. Regardless of whether you have a biological child or choose to adopt, it is important to remember that everyone follows a different path to parenthood, which can all lead to the same result – sharing your love with a child.

For many, adoption is a wonderful way to expand a family. Whether you want to adopt as a single person or are making the decision as a couple, welcoming a child into your home may raise many questions and concerns. And while the thought of giggles and reading bedtime stories may excite you, it would be in the best interest of all involved to make sure you are ready to begin the adoption process.

Getting divorced? What are you going to do with your timeshare?

If you and your spouse are divorcing, you have a lot of decisions to make. You might need to figure out where your children will spend the holidays, how much spousal support will be and who gets the house.

However, some marital estates are more complicated. For couples with higher assets, the divorce process could become tricky in terms of making sure you both agree with the terms of your settlement. In many cases, you may have to agree to disagree, but do you know what will you do with your timeshare?

Ex pays child support after a 50-year wait

The biggest fear that many have when they negotiate a financial agreement in divorce is that they will not see the money promised to them. Whether it is child support or spousal maintenance, these payments are designed to provide for the care and support of dependents. Unfortunately, those fears are sometimes realized.

Such was the case of a woman who raised her daughter in Carlsbad, California. The woman married the father of her child in 1966, separated two years later and eventually divorced in the mid-70s. The payments to support their young daughter was determined to be $210 per month for the first two-and-a-half years. Payments were supposed to go down to $160 after that.

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