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What if my ex can’t pay child support

The pandemic has impacted all or nearly all parts of our lives. The biggest issue for millions of Americans is that they have been laid off, furloughed or unable to earn at their pre-pandemic level. Perhaps they can’t find new work. While the government has provided some assistance, many find that they cannot make ends meet.

It is a serious fear among parents, particularly if they are divorced. While court orders regarding payments remain in effect, a spouse may find herself or himself out of work and unable to meet the divorce agreement's financial commitments.

Issues to consider before remarrying

Marrying for the second time may be the last thing on the mind of someone getting or recently divorced. But there may be a time further down the line when there is the opportunity. Some may regard it as a do-over for an arrangement that did not work the first time or feel most fulfilled when they have a life partner.

However, others regard the concept of lawful marriage with all the trimmings to be a mistake that they do not need to repeat. Some may worry that the formal arrangement could negatively impact something that was already working. They may even recognize that a partner is not marrying material, and they are comfortable with that.

Tips for parents with kids starting classes

Ask any parent what their biggest concern in the fall of 2020. The response will likely revolve around the uncertainty regarding the new school year. There are the usual concerns about adjusting to the new year with new teachers, getting back on a school day schedule, and providing the love and support that the children need under normal circumstances.

But the fall of 2020 is far from ordinary. COVID-19 has changed just about every part of families’ lives, including school. Denver public schools will start with remote learning at least until October 16, with other school districts and schools coming up with plans that best serve their students, families, teachers, and staff. This could be remote, in person or a blend of the two. Even the most thorough plans will likely change as the situation evolves.

How to talk about money with kids

Couples who divorce will often see a significant shift in their finances. The family must now divide their income and savings between two households. This can be a significant adjustment for the couple, but it can be an even bigger adjustment for the kids if they have a share a bedroom at dad’s apartment or mom’s “new” car is smaller or older than her old one.

Talking about money with loved ones can be difficult, particularly when there is less to go around. Family experts often recommend that couples have open and frank discussions about finances, but talks with kids will need a different approach. It will vary, depending on their ages. Very young kids need to be told little or nothing, and they may not even notice. Older kids will need to know more.

4 tips for a more peaceful divorce

Divorces involve major changes in the couple’s lives. One or both may have moments of sharp anger and lingering pain as each spouse mourns the end of the relationship and other related life goals. Sometimes this can bring out the worst in a person, leading to an escalating series of confrontations that culminates with litigation.

While there will be some difficult challenges as the spouses rebuild their lives, spouses can make it easier on themselves and their former partner by taking a more collaborative approach. Many attorneys recommend mediation as an excellent option for fostering a collaborative process, particularly when there are children involved.

Too much screen time can harm the family

There are countless devices or toys with screens for children of all ages. To be fair, there is great educational software for learning just about anything, readers for books and even games to make learning more fun. But the end result is that children grow up spending a lot of time in front of a screen – not including school work and study, kids age eight to 18 spend an average of seven-and-a-half hours each day on entertainment media. This has likely gone up for children and parents since the pandemic.

Parents are also guilty of this behavior, tuning out and staring at their phone at the playground while the kids play, pulling out the laptop to answer emails after dinner, or binge-watching shows after the kids’ bedtime. This likely is on top of a job that involves constant use of a computer or device of some kind.

4 signs of trouble in a relationship

Marital relationships have endless nuances to them. They are a reflection of the people involved, their shared history and other factors. It can result in a seeming mind-meld where the spouses can read body language in a split second or ongoing incidences where differences surface (which some believe keeps life interesting).

Regardless of the relationship chemistry, the question couples should ask themselves is: “Does it work?” Below are four reasons psychologists believe point to an answer of “no.”

How to effectively confront a cheater

Broaching a difficult topic with a spouse can be hard, especially when it involves infidelity. Nevertheless, many have done it. Here are some helpful tips on preparing for a conversation that changes the course of the marriage, regardless of whether it continues or the couple files for divorce.

The initial reaction will likely be for the accused to flee in anger or counterattack the accuser. Either way, it won't be easy, so it is essential for you to have a plan.

Controlling a spouse’s financial actions can be a challenge

Couples who file for divorce may include an Automatic Temporary Restraining Order (ATRO). While this sounds like it applies to physical or emotional abuse, an ATRO is a court order that prevents major shifts in parenting or financial circumstances.

Ostensibly, an ATRO puts limitation of frivolous or wasteful spending, which is called dissipation of assets. The reasons for this may be one spouse is angry with the other; they are spending it on a new lover; they are hiding money; they have addiction issues.

Good behavior in the courtroom is essential

Many couples who file for divorce choose to resolve any areas in a dispute using mediation or other alternate dispute resolution techniques. However, couples may not see eye to eye on some crucial areas, such as custody or dividing assets. This leads to litigation before a judge. This more formal approach has the benefit of leaving decisions to an impartial third party, but it can add stress to the situation.

Stressful situations can bring out the worst in some people. Bad or disrespectful behavior can reflect poorly on the individual or attorney – judges are professional and impartial. Still, as the person evaluating your credibility and case, they are the wrong person to irritate or annoy during a hearing.

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