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Division of labor - how chores can impact a relationship

Everyone has a different perspective on household chores when they enter a relationship. Some may prioritize tidiness while others let some things slide. Others may believe household chores should be shared equally while their spouse believes or behaves differently. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that frustration over who does what in the household is one of the main reasons cited for marital dissatisfaction

As with many issues in relationships, including parenting time and financial matters, different perspectives will lead to acrimony if they are not appropriately discussed and communicated. Here are some common problems:

What happens to a business in a divorce?

When you are a business owner and divorce is looming, you may worry about what will happen with the business. Dividing marital property in Colorado is complex, but with the right attention to detail, it is possible to keep a business afloat through a major life change like divorce.

Understanding the differences

Co-parenting and tough decisions about dangerous sports

One of the myriad decisions co-parents have to make includes what children will do in their free time in certain extracurricular activities. Sports and athletic endeavors make up a large percentage of activities for children. 

Some parents may find the argument centers around the cost of the extracurricular activities. Indeed, many sports and other hobbies are expensive undertakings and parents may have a different philosophy on the value of the expense.

Managing co-parenting challenges after divorce

Divorce is a life-changing event. There is no way of getting around that things will not be the same for you or your children after the agreement is signed and everyone has moved on. It is often best for everyone to be out of a strained relationship but, at the same time, there are new challenges that come with parents raising children between two homes.

It is possible that both parents didn’t agree on rules when in the same home, but made concessions for their relationship. In different homes, it is much harder to create consistency for your children. Simply put, no matter what you might wish the other parent do during his or her parenting time, it will not always match your own thoughts and actions.

Do certain personality traits lead to immoral behavior?

Certain negative personality traits may play a role in the demise of a relationship or marriage. Those same personality traits or personality disorders can also play a big role in how a divorce or other family law proceeding plays out.

Some support for the role of personality traits in negative or immoral behavior was outlined in recent research which found a link between certain personality traits and immoral behaviors.

Updating accounts after divorce

There are many challenges in divorce which can affect every aspect of your life. For some, divorce can be a fresh start putting the past behind you and allowing you to move on. After a divorce, and aside from parental responsibilities, any financial, personal and career decisions are your own to make.

In the divorce process, a settlement and final order should be very thorough, requiring a divorcing couple to review all assets and financial accounts as you divide them. Even once the paperwork is signed and you’ve moved on, there may be certain items that were overlooked. It is important to address any loose ends. One especially important issue is designating beneficiaries.

How to co-parent while ensuring your child feels loved

No parent will ever forget the first time they held and hugged their child as a baby. Showing affection to your children has been proven to help them become happy and successful adults. Now that you’re getting a divorce, you may be wondering how raising your child in two separate households will impact their happiness and success.

Parents who are able to peacefully co-parent with their ex-spouse and have their child or children’s best interests in mind can still raise children who turn out to be happy and healthy adults. Numerous studies have shown that a parent’s unconditional love and affection is the single most important parenting factor in a child becoming a happy and successful adult. When children see their co-parents getting along instead of being exposed to conflict, it is easier for them to feel loved. Combine that with the positive attention and affection the parents offer, and the chances the child will be negatively impacted by the divorce goes down.

Post-divorce child custody and child support modification

Life can be full of changes, some expected and some unexpected. While you can foresee some of what may happen in your life, there are inevitably some things that just catch you off guard.

Life changes are common after a divorce, which is why it may make sense to seek a modification to a parental agreement. Whether you have a career opportunity, want to relocate to a new town, or if you meet a new partner, these changes may impact your relationships, your co-parenting obligations your time and your financial picture.

5 benefits of co-parenting

For many people going through a divorce, a main concern is how the divorce process is how it will affect their children. Living arrangements, child support and parenting time are complicated topics and each influences a child's reaction to the change in his or her family unit. Other issues, like the child's personality, age, relationships with each parent and his/her siblings and the unique circumstances of the divorce will play a significant role.

When determining the initial allocation of parental responsibilities in Colorado, the Court is guided by the best interests of the child legal standard. It is a universal family law concept where post-divorce life is dependent on how the settlement and parenting time arrangements will influence children's health, development and overall well-being. This includes both financial and emotional concerns.

5 financial tips heading into divorce

Marriage is a partnership. Most couples marry for love, but once they settle into routine, it's also about managing day to day living. A marriage is a legal contract, after all, and couples share their assets, their home and their finances. One of the most challenging parts of divorce is addressing marital property and deciding who gets what.

When a couple is looking to divorce, there's more to think about than the house and the retirement account. It's important to look into your own personal finances. The longer that you've been married, the more likely it is that you'll have some legwork to get up to speed on personal finances.

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