Same-Sex Marriage/LGBT Legal Services

Just as everyone has a right to marry in Colorado, so, does everyone have the right to obtain a divorce. Although the facts vary substantially in each case, the general process of the dissolution of a legal marriage remains consistent. However, with recent changes to laws in Colorado*, consult an experienced attorney when you are facing a family law issue, whether or not it is an amicable dispute.

Same-Sex Marriage And Divorce In The Denver Area

Colorado has long allowed civil unions between same-sex couples. With the legalization of same-sex marriages, there are some unanswered questions. Some may find themselves looking to dissolve a legal relationship that was not a legal marriage, and state courts have yet to resolve the status of same-sex marriages in light of the right to marry. While the Colorado Civil Union Act provided similar procedures and protections afforded to divorcing couples, they are not identical.

Rights Of Same-Sex Couples And Their Children

Colorado employs gender-neutral language regarding the “presumed parent.” Now, when it comes to determining parental rights, same-sex couples are afforded the same liberties and protections as other couples under the state and federal laws. When a child is born or adopted during the marriage of a same-sex couple, that couple will be presumed to be the child’s legal parents.

Experienced, Skilled And Friendly Legal Assistance

If you are seeking to divorce or separate from your partner, or have another family law issue you need resolved, let the attorneys at Littman Family Law apply more than 30 years of experience to your case. We offer comprehensive legal services to LGBT individuals and couples in all types of domestic relations matters, including:

  • Dissolution of marriages
  • Cohabitation (living together) agreements
  • Adoptions
  • Parenting plans
  • Child support and spousal maintenance issues
  • Surrogacy and donor-insemination contracts
  • Invalidity of marriage
  • Invalidity of same-sex marriage

In an effort to minimize your costs and the emotional toil of a dispute on you and your family, we first attempt to apply alternative dispute resolution techniques. We are trained in mediation and collaborative law, and we are committed to helping you find the best result possible.

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*On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States issued its decision in the landmark case of Obergfell v. Hodges. The Supreme Court held that marriage is a constitutional right for same-sex couples, stating that “the equal protection clause . . . prohibits . . . [the] unjustified infringement of the fundamental right to marry.” This means that, assuming you meet all of the statutory requirements (age restrictions, relationship restrictions, etc.), then you are free to marry whomever you choose.


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“Attorneys met my divorce needs in a time when I was emotionally tired and looking for accurate solutions for myself and our young child.”
“We hired David as a mediator for a post-divorce issue involving many difficult areas of concern.”
“My case included a variety of variables that could have potentially created high amounts of anxiety.”