Farm/Ranch Divorce

When parties involved in ranching or farming in Colorado are faced with divorce, the first question often asked is “what will happen to my land?” The attorneys at Littman Family Law understand that your family farm or ranch is an extremely valuable asset. We will assist in making sure your interests are protected and assets are equitably divided, through either settlement or litigation. Issues that often arise in farm and ranch divorces include:

Daily Operations And Decision-Making


On a family farm or ranch, often the husband and wife are both actively involved in day-to-day decisions, farm work and marketing that make a successful operation. When a divorce is pending, often one party leaves or is excluded from the farming or ranching operations. Whether through negotiation or seeking court intervention, we will help you protect your interests and help ensure that the farm or ranch operations continue as usual until the case is finalized.

Valuation Of Colorado Farms And Ranches

The assets held by farm and ranch families are unique making the divorce process difficult. We will work with experts in each of the following areas to determine the value of your assets, including:

  • Land
  • Equipment and machinery
  • Growing and stored commodities
  • Livestock
  • Water, oil and mineral rights

Tax Consequences And Government Payments

The division of land and commodities in a divorce may result in tax implications, loan refinance issues and the distribution of government payments. We carefully assess each issue and make recommendations to maximize your financial benefit and the financial health of the farm or ranch.

With our experience representing farmers and ranchers through divorce proceedings, the attorneys at Littman Family Law will help make certain that your interests are protected and that your farm or ranch assets are equitably divided. We are open to meeting with you in person, by telephone or via Skype or FaceTime as it may be more difficult for you to attend traditional meetings, given the demands of ranch and farm life.

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What Our Clients Say

“I had the pleasure of working with attorney as my counsel in family court for my divorce and child custody case.”
“Attorneys met my divorce needs in a time when I was emotionally tired and looking for accurate solutions for myself and our young child.”
“We hired David as a mediator for a post-divorce issue involving many difficult areas of concern.”
“My case included a variety of variables that could have potentially created high amounts of anxiety.”