Resolving Parental Disputes Involving Children Throughout Colorado

When parents divorce, responsibilities for their children must be legally assigned. In Colorado, parental responsibilities are divided between decision-making rights (custody) and parenting time (visitation.) If the parents are able to communicate effectively and work together cooperatively, these responsibilities can be shared equally.

Unfortunately, getting along after a divorce or separation is not always easy. The Denver law firm of Littman Family Law will help you resolve your family law matters as quickly and inexpensively as possible. This is good not only for you but for your children as well.

Colorado parents can share decision-making in all areas or divide duties by each individual area.

Establishing Parenting Time With Your Children (Visitation)

We know that spending time with your children is one of your highest priorities. Parenting time (also referred to as visitation) can range from a shared schedule to one parent having the majority of physical custody of the children.

If you can agree to a schedule, the process can go much more smoothly. However, if there is a dispute, the court may have to become involved and appoint an investigator or evaluator to assess the situation and make a recommendation. This will cost you more money and add time to the process.

Decision-Making Rights Of Parents (Child Custody)

Although most people focus on parenting time arrangements, decision-making is an important area that should have equal attention. Decision-making rights (also referred to as custody) include the following:

  • Health (medical, mental health, vision and dental)
  • Education (day, preschool and elementary school through high school)
  • Activities (what to pursue, how to pay, what happens when an activity occurs on the other parent’s time, transportation of the children to and from activities)
  • Religion

Helping You Find Amicable Solutions

Our team of Denver child custody lawyers is committed to helping you resolve your matter as amicably as possible. We will work with you, your former partner and your children to draft agreements that are best for all of you.

We are trained in collaborative law, and two of us are trained mediators. We pay particular attention to children, working to ensure that their best interests are met and that they are protected throughout the legal proceedings. Our goal is to help you obtain the best possible solutions that fit your family’s unique needs.

However, if we are unable to resolve your case out of court, we also are strong litigators who will advocate for you and your children’s best interests in court.

No matter how complex your family situation may be, we have the skill and experience to get you through it, as we have handled complex financial and custody cases in Colorado for more than 30 years. We will help you to get the results you seek, and we will stay by your side should the need arise for a post-divorce modification at a future date.

Contact us today at 303-800-3114 or send us an email to schedule an initial appointment. We promptly reply to all messages.


What Our Clients Say

“I had the pleasure of working with attorney as my counsel in family court for my divorce and child custody case.”
“Attorneys met my divorce needs in a time when I was emotionally tired and looking for accurate solutions for myself and our young child.”
“We hired David as a mediator for a post-divorce issue involving many difficult areas of concern.”
“My case included a variety of variables that could have potentially created high amounts of anxiety.”