Using Mediation To Resolve Your Family Law Disputes

Mediation and arbitration are methods of alternative dispute resolution that offer a way to resolve issues without having to go to court. Many Colorado courts are now requiring people to engage in alternative dispute resolution before they can have a court hearing. Often, mediation and arbitration methods can save you and your family time, money and the stress of going through the litigation process.

At Littman Family Law, mediation and arbitration have become a strong focus for our practice. Our entire legal team of attorneys and paralegals has the experience and dedication needed to help families resolve their issues as amicably as possible. Additionally, attorneys David Littman Esq. are trained mediators who can assist you with even the most complex legal issues.

Providing Divorce Arbitration And Mediation Services Throughout Denver

With mediation and arbitration, a neutral third party can be used to resolve disputed family law issues, including divorce, child support and property division. This neutral party is typically an attorney, but also can be someone else trained in these alternative dispute methods, including:

  • Mediation can be used in the context of a divorce or parental responsibilities and parenting time (formerly known as child custody) issues. The role of a mediator is to help people work through their issues and to reach a solution that is equitable and agreeable to both parties. The mediator has no authority to make final decisions for the parties. If agreements are reached, the mediator then prepares a document that contains the agreements made by the parties. The document can be filed with the court and made into a final order, eliminating the need for the parties to further litigate or take their disputes to court.
  • Arbitration can be used in a divorce, but its intention is to provide parents a tool to resolve post-divorce disputes involving parenting plans, child support, parenting time and other matters related to children. An arbitrator has the authority under Colorado statutes to make binding decisions that act as a court order. An arbitration session is similar to a court hearing, in that parties give testimony, witnesses can be called to testify and evidence is provided to the arbitrator. Parties can participate in arbitration on their own or they can have representation by an attorney.

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What Our Clients Say

“I had the pleasure of working with attorney as my counsel in family court for my divorce and child custody case.”
“Attorneys met my divorce needs in a time when I was emotionally tired and looking for accurate solutions for myself and our young child.”
“We hired David as a mediator for a post-divorce issue involving many difficult areas of concern.”
“My case included a variety of variables that could have potentially created high amounts of anxiety.”