Rebecca R Baer Testimonials

Rebecca R. Baer

"Rebecca Baer is an honest and trustworthy lawyer who I would recommend to family, friends and even strangers…. Divorce is never easy, and gets even more complicated when large assets, trusts and children are involved. Rebecca understood my situation and provided clear guidance and reasonable expectation every step of the divorce process. She took time to know me as a person, as a parent, and my children’s best interests. Rebecca is compassionate yet tough, and gets the job done."

"Rebecca was a blessing when I felt I was in a hopeless situation…. There were serious safety concerns for my children at the time I retained Rebecca and I never doubted her commitment to my children and myself. She is a well composed, kind and caring person but make no mistake that she can hold her own…. I would refer Rebecca and her team to any of my friends, family or acquaintances with the full confidence that they would get the same level of superior service I have received."

"Rebecca and her team handled our family's adoption case in July of 2015. As it turned out, it was a very complicated case that involved some serious strategy and planning as we went along. Rebecca was everything we expected and more…. I highly recommend Rebecca to anyone in need of family law services."

"I had the pleasure of working with Rebecca as my counsel in family court for my divorce and child custody case.. Rebecca demonstrated a calm and informed demeanor throughout the process. She is well-informed, resourceful, and easy to communicate with which created a much needed supportive and effective approach. Rebecca is not easily flustered, which I appreciated a great deal, as the other party used multiple tactics to attempt to intimidate and manipulate the proceedings. Rebecca's honesty in both her legal advice and fees (not charging me frivolous fees or recommending procedures that were unnecessary or costly) is also exemplary. I absolutely recommend her services to represent your family court needs."

"Rebecca is amazing! I went through a very high conflict divorce, including custody issues. There were MANY different problems that arose during the course of the proceedings, but Rebecca remained not only a sounding board, but also a rational, highly professional, respectable attorney. She listened, provided a variety of options, and listened whole-heartedly to help provide the best possible outcome. Not only was it more than I expected, but she will forever be recommended by me to ANY family needing help from things that are out of their control. She remains firm, and does a very well-thought out presentation when dealing with confrontational other attorneys. I would highly recommend her to anyone! I cannot say enough good things about her!"

"Rebecca met my divorce needs in a time when I was emotionally tired and looking for accurate solutions for myself and our young child. Rebecca listened, did her research, made herself available, and delivered the results we needed to move forward with our lives. I highly recommend this compassionate attorney who gets the job done and offers excellent customer service for her clients. She is simply amazing!"

"I hired Rebecca to make changes to my parenting plan that was poorly done due to lack of representation in my final divorce hearing. My ex was taking advantage of the lack of clarity, detail and a parenting schedule. Rebecca kept me informed every step of the way. She fought hard for everything that was in the best interest of my daughter and me. She was available every time I needed her and had a question or concern. She was great to work with. I trusted her and that was a major thing because my daughter's safety was a huge concern. I was very happy with the outcome of everything and happy I hired Rebecca."