Kai"I am looking forward to meeting you."

Kai, our Canine Office Assistant greatly enjoys his contact with everyone who comes to the office. However, if you are uncomfortable with dogs or have any canine related allergies; please let us know at least a day before your appointment and he will not come to work on the day you plan to come to see us.

Kai, whose name means "ocean" in the Hawaiian language and "blessed one" in Japanese, was adopted from the Kauai Humane Society [KHS], on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. A Good Samaritan found him seriously injured, lying by the side of a road. The young dog required immediate medical care, so Kai's rescuer lifted him into his car and drove him to the Kauai Humane Society where he received emergency care. The shelter then transported him to a local vet in the nearby town of Kapa'a for additional treatment. While the Good Samaritan could not adopt Kai, he told KHS that he would pay all of Kai's medical expenses provided that they try to find him a good home. Re-homing this dog was a major task for the shelter as Kai was literally a wild dog who seemed to have had very little positive contact with humans and no training. From his behavior, it appeared as though he may have lived with a pack of dogs on a ranch on the island. The shelter staff and volunteers worked diligently with Kai to help him begin to overcome his fear of people and to be able to follow some basic commands.

At the time he was placed for adoption, Kai still required extensive training and socialization. Had Kai not been adopted by his current family, David and his wife Suzanne, he might have been euthanized. Today Kai is healthy, happy and well socialized. He is very friendly and gentle.

The Kauai Humane Society is highly committed to finding good homes for their animals but it is currently impossible to re-home all of their animals. Kauai is a small island whose main industry is tourism. Therefore, placing animals with new families is a challenging task. Fortunately, tourists adopt a significant number of their dogs and cats.

Once Kai arrived in Denver, Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald of VCA Alameda East and Dr. Holly Foster of Acupuncture for Animals, worked closely with Kai and his family to resolve his health and behavioral issues. Both vets are still providing his health care.