Kai's Testimonials


Pomaika’i means "happiness" in Hawaiian. This Hawaiian word describes what Kai brings to all of us. Kai is our wonderful Border Collie from the island of Kauai! Kai is very comfortable with the fact that he has two families, one at home and another one at the office. He views me as his office mom.
He takes his role as the Canine Legal Assistant very seriously. Kai always recognizes and warmly greets the human friend he had made at the office and happily welcomes other dogs when they arrive with their guardians. He often serves as a calming influence for many of our clients and their children. In fact, Kai has special clients who specifically request that he is present for their office meetings, mediations and arbitrations.
Kai seems to understand that many of the adults and children who visit our office need extra care and attention as they are experiencing one of the most difficult times in their lives. He is more than happy to comfort them with a gentle nudge of his nose or paw, or will simply sit at their feet to make sure they know he is there. He also tunes in to the excitement and joy of adoptive parents. Kai is sensitive to our clients who are not desirous of building a relationship with him.
Kai is a gentle soul and we are very lucky to have him as part of our firm and share him with our wonderful clients!