Skilled Legal Assistance With Matters Involving Juveniles In Colorado

There is nothing harder and more traumatic for families than being involved in a juvenile law case. Whether you are involved in a juvenile delinquency action or a Dependency and Neglect (D&N) case, the attorneys at Littman Family Law can assist you during this stressful and intimidating time.

Helping You Protect The Rights And Wellbeing Of Juveniles

The law is moving more towards favoring the rights of biological parents when in contests with relatives and others. However, we have had significant success in certain situations, especially those of foster parents who seek to retain children with whom they have bonded and for whom they have served as primary attachment figures.

At the Denver law firm of Littman Family Law, we have experience in many different capacities in juvenile legal matters. We have served as guardian ad litem in abuse and neglect cases, and represent relatives and foster parents who are seeking to obtain legal guardianship and physical custody of children whom they love and have cared for. Additionally, we have represented children who have become involved in the juvenile delinquency system and work to protect their rights. Our attorneys and staff are highly trained and are available to help you with your juvenile law legal matters.

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