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Making It Work For The Kids: Examples Of Effective Co-Parenting

There is little dispute that ongoing parental conflict is detrimental to children. A child's exposure to parental conflict diverts the child's focus and energy from being a child and learning social and educational skills, to attempting to figure out why his or her parents cannot get along. Good lawyers always address the impact of high conflict on the children with their clients. In December, 2016, the Colorado Supreme Court approved an amendment to the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct to add the following language to a comment to Rule 1.2:

"In a matter involving the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities, a lawyer should consider advising the client that parental conflict can have a significant adverse effect on minor children."

How to select the right family law attorney for your case

In our previous post, we addressed the importance of the following as part of the initial process of selecting an attorney:

  • Getting a referral from people you trust
  • Seeking out helpful resources
  • Looking at reviews carefully
  • Reviewing law firm websites
  • Researching the specific attorney you want to hire
  • Developing a list of questions

In this post, we address important considerations in actually selecting an attorney.

Initial steps to take to find the right family law attorney

When people are faced with a family law matter - such as divorce, parenting time, adoption, child support - they often have the question: how do I choose an attorney? Most people don't know a family law attorney already or don't have experience choosing any kind of lawyer at all.

From the outside, law firms may seem the same, the people working in them very similar and the lawyers interchangeable. That simply isn't the case. Every lawyer has a different approach to practice, a different perspective on how to handle your matter and unique philosophy when dealing with clients. Choosing a family law attorney is one of the more important decisions that you will make regarding your case and perhaps in your life. We have outlined some helpful tips on facts to consider when making your selection.

Are pets family or property? The law is catching up.

Most people understand that pets mean much more to families than a piece of furniture. But when it comes to deciding who gets a pet in a divorce, the majority of state laws include pets right along with the rest of a couples' personal property to be divided.

The reality is that most people view their pets as members of the family. Many family law attorneys and judges acknowledge and consider that pets rare like family to a lot of people. However, their hands are tied as until recently, there were no laws in any state to support a finding based on the well-being of the pets or the consideration of their place in the family, as opposed to a finding based on property distribution laws. Many judges would use applicable laws to determine the "worth" of a pet that each party believed was immeasurable. The worth was often limited to either the replacement value or the initial cost to acquire the animal.

Tips To Keep Kids Out Of The Middle Of A Family Law Dispute

Every family law matter comes with emotional strain and stress. It is normal to feel overwhelmed, angry and sad. However, when kids are involved, it is never okay to put them in the middle of a dispute. When a relationship breaks up, kids will inevitably be affected. The goal should always be to minimize the impact on your children.

Unfortunately, many divorcing couples or unmarried couples in a custody dispute forget about the importance of keeping kids out of it. Here are a few ways to keep your focus on moving forward and minimizing the stress for your children.

3 More Ways To Minimize And Manage Your Legal Fees, Pt. 2

     Having some control over the amount you spend on your divorce or custody matter is important. Many people do not understand that clients have an important role to play in their own legal expenses and fees.

     Earlier this week we touched on a few ways to manage conflict and fees in a family law dispute. In addition to getting organized, being upfront about assets and disclosing relevant information and opting for alternative dispute resolution, here are some more ways to help keep costs down.

3 Ways To Manage And Minimize Your Legal Fees, Pt. 1

     Did you know that you can have some control over your legal fees and costs in a family law proceeding? Many of our clients are surprised by this when we mention ways to minimize the financial impact. However, many family law attorneys and professionals work with clients to focus their resources in the most efficient and economic way possible.

     Here are some helpful ways to help minimize your legal fees and costs.

Four Ways to Minimize Conflict in Divorce: The Benefits of Mediation

If you are contemplating divorce or are in the middle of divorce proceedings, you may find that the fear of conflict and uncertainty overwhelms you. Going to court and having a long, protracted divorce battle is not what you want for your family. Despite having differences with your spouse, you really don't want to fight about everything. You also know that conflict is detrimental to your children.

There are a number of different ways to approach a divorce. If you know that you want to avoid contention and bitterness, you will be relieved to know that there are alternatives to litigation, including mediation. Below are some of the benefits of divorce mediation.

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