What our clients are saying about us

"Rebecca Baer is an honest and trustworthy lawyer who I would recommend to family, friends and even strangers…. Divorce is never easy, and gets even more complicated when large assets, trusts and children are involved. Rebecca understood my situation and provided clear guidance and reasonable expectation every step of the divorce process. She took time to know me as a person, as a parent, and my children’s best interests. Rebecca is compassionate yet tough, and gets the job done."

"Rebecca was a blessing when I felt I was in a hopeless situation…. There were serious safety concerns for my children at the time I retained Rebecca and I never doubted her commitment to my children and myself. She is a well composed, kind and caring person but make no mistake that she can hold her own…. I would refer Rebecca and her team to any of my friends, family or acquaintances with the full confidence that they would get the same level of superior service I have received."

"Rebecca and her team handled our family's adoption case in July of 2015. As it turned out, it was a very complicated case that involved some serious strategy and planning as we went along. Rebecca was everything we expected and more…. I highly recommend Rebecca to anyone in need of family law services."

"Ashley is a very efficient, courteous and professional attorney. Her wealth of knowledge and experience with my issue was impressive. I appreciated the effort and attention she devoted to successfully resolving my matter. I highly recommend her to others in need of an attorney for a family law issue."

"I had the pleasure of working with Rebecca as my counsel in family court for my divorce and child custody case.. Rebecca demonstrated a calm and informed demeanor throughout the process. She is well-informed, resourceful, and easy to communicate with which created a much needed supportive and effective approach. Rebecca is not easily flustered, which I appreciated a great deal, as the other party used multiple tactics to attempt to intimidate and manipulate the proceedings. Rebecca's honesty in both her legal advice and fees (not charging me frivolous fees or recommending procedures that were unnecessary or costly) is also exemplary. I absolutely recommend her services to represent your family court needs."

"Rebecca met my divorce needs in a time when I was emotionally tired and looking for accurate solutions for myself and our young child. Rebecca listened, did her research, made herself available, and delivered the results we needed to move forward with our lives. I highly recommend this compassionate attorney who gets the job done and offers excellent customer service for her clients. She is simply amazing!"

"We hired David as a mediator for a post-divorce issue involving many difficult areas of concern. I felt that he did an excellent job of keeping both sides focused on the issues at hand. He also gave his own input when he felt it was necessary based on his experience and areas of expertise. I expected my mediation to be very high conflict and went in expecting quite a fight from the other side. Instead we were able to reach an agreement which resulted a complete settlement of our issues. We avoided going to a final trial and saved thousands in lawyer fees by doing so. His knowledge and expertise combined with his mediation skills made him the perfect fit for our case. Thanks again for your help!"

"My case included a variety of variables that could have potentially created high amounts of anxiety. Despite the uncertainty, I felt calm through the entire process thanks to the knowledgeable and competent staff. David Littman's gentle, yet assertive demeanor was incredibly helpful in providing me with reassurance that everything would work out in the end. And it did... I couldn't be more pleased with their professionalism and the compassionate manner in which they supported my family through this very sad and difficult time. Thank you!"

"David has been my attorney for the past ten years. when my case began with David, I was in the middle of a ugly divorce, and on the verge of losing my son over alcohol abuse. David helped me find the real person, and spirit within me. He has always been there for me, giving support, advice and direction. Once I had my life back in order, David helped me get full custody of my son. As my lawyer David became, a father figure, role model and friend who I will always be grateful for."

"David's compassion and respect for my family, combined with his legal expertise allowed me to feel at ease with the difficult process of divorce."
-- Cindy S. - Client

"I really wanted to thank you for all of the help that you have given me. You and your staff were so helpful during one of the hardest times of my life. You helped me to remember what was most important through all of this, and that was my son."
-- Alana Q. - Client

"I have known David Littman professionally for many years. He is highly intelligent, very intuitive and creative. He has excellent mediation and collaborative skills. He also has a great sense of humor and integrity. David is highly regarded in the legal and mediation communities and know all his clients are in good hands."
-- TH - Attorney

"David Littman is the consummate advocate for children. He is knowledgeable, professional and cares deeply for children. I find his input to be invaluable."      
-- SE - Attorney

"I have had the pleasure of working with David Littman when he served as a Mediator and a special advocate. His interpersonal skills, knowledge of the law, and ability to remain impartial are excellent. I recommend his office anytime you need a Mediator or Special Advocate."      
-- CD - Attorney

"David Littman is an experienced attorney who has served and has developed an expertise as a Special Master and Advocate in difficult domestic cases and has achieved a high level of successful results.

His clinical training and professional memberships in conjunction with his legal ability and experience has allowed him to achieve effective results in parenting/custody issues in the most volatile and emotional family situations."

"Mr. Littman's reputation in the legal community is highly respected, as he so often is able to reach a resolution of disputes between parties where none seemed feasible."
-- Attorney

"David Littman brings a much needed educational and therapeutic sensibility to the demanding role of a Special Advocate. His ability to integrate those dynamics with the statutory framework in which we must all work is a hallmark of the service he provides."
-- CF - Attorney

"David Littman is 100% committed to children and their best interests. This value is reflected in his professional life in terms of sensibility and awareness of children's developmental needs, commitment to conflict resolution so far as possible, and an open minded, creative approach to working with divorcing families and their children."
-- MC - Licensed Psychologist

"I have worked with David Littman for nearly 6 years. Most of my experience has come when Mr. Littman is working as a Special Advocate. In that time I have come to appreciate his willingness to work in the best interest of the children while trying to work with parents who may be more interested in what is in their individual best interest. As a professional in the field, I have always had my thoughts and suggestions listened to by Mr. Littman. I have experienced children often caught in the middle of high conflict cases to be served well by Mr. Littman's talents."
-- BAS - Professional Parenting Supervisor

"David is meticulous in his work concerning my case and always has the presence of mind to look at my situation and give prudent, realistic and practical advice. Furthermore, you receive the same attention from his paralegals."
-- Tracy

"Mr. Littman was very helpful to me in my recent divorce. While he was fair and respectful to both parties, his knowledge and skills were critical in getting me an appropriate settlement. He and his staff walked me through difficult and unknown territory with compassion. I would go to him again for any legal issues."
-- IV - Client

"I cannot express my feelings about my experience with your practice in few sentences, I would need pages. Thank you very much again. My appreciations are endless."      
--YC - Client

"David Littman has been the calming voice in my head as I continue on a tumultuous journey of co-parenting with an ex-spouse. His guidance and encouragement have made me a better parent."
-- KD - Special Advocate Client

"David Littman and his staff are extremely professional. He has been very dedicated and compassionate to helping our family through a challenging time. He has helped guide our family, especially our children, in a positive direction in life. He is a very passionate and trustworthy Special Advocate."
-- JB - Special Advocate Client

"David has gone the extra mile to focus on my daughter's rights and desires. He met with her in our home to make her more comfortable with the legal process thoroughly explaining his role in the case and how he can help her. David has worked effectively to understand her unique situation advocating with a firm and respectful approach. He has made a difficult situation more tolerable with his kindness and considerable knowledge."
-- KC - Special Advocate Client

"I hired Rebecca to make changes to my parenting plan that was poorly done due to lack of representation in my final divorce hearing. My ex was taking advantage of the lack of clarity, detail and a parenting schedule. Rebecca kept me informed every step of the way. She fought hard for everything that was in the best interest of my daughter and me. She was available every time I needed her and had a question or concern. She was great to work with. I trusted her and that was a major thing because my daughter's safety was a huge concern. I was very happy with the outcome of everything and happy I hired Rebecca."

"I would recommend Ashley Emerson as an attorney. She was always responsive to my questions and concerns.. I knew that if I needed help right away, I could count on her and the Littman office for assistance. As with most divorce situations, it can be an emotional roller coaster. Ashley was always thoughtful in her responses and kept a level head throughout the process which allowed me to make good decisions. I am so thankful that she and the Littman team were on my side."

-- Carol

"I had a GREAT experience working with Ashley. From the very first consultation, I must have asked her several hundred questions and found her to be very knowledgeable. She was able to answer all my questions and showed to be truly sincere concerning my situation and really wanted what I wanted which was what was best for my son!
Ashley was available to ask further questions or was able to get back to me within a reasonable time. She was always able to reassure me when certain situations changed that I thought would hurt our case. Ashley was able to recommend other professionals that were necessary to involve in our case who were also very knowledgeable and sincere.

Hands down, I felt comfortable with Ashley from step one in a very scary time of my life and would recommend anyone needing assistance in family law to seek her to be on your side.

Thank you so much Ashley, words aren't enough to express how grateful I am to you!"

-- Chris

"Hiring Ashley calmed my fears. Nobody wants to have to hire an Attorney BUT, at one of the most scary times of my life I'm glad I found her! She was easy to talk to and she helped me understand the process of obtaining child custody. With her expertise I was able to protect my daughter!! David Littman was also on hand for even MORE expertise and showed true compassion for me and my case. Melinda in the office was also compassionate, prompt, patient, and so nice! I've already recommended Ashley Emerson to my friends!!"

-- Kay

"I am thankful for Ashley's compassion and understanding with my case. She and all the staff at the Littman Law Firm were very easy to talk to and prompt on their communication. Ashley is professional and level headed. Her calm nature was a breath of fresh air in the ugliness of divorce. I was pleased that Ashley was able to understand my concerns, needs and goals during this process and worked towards obtaining those."

-- Lauren

"Ashley has dedicated her time, knowledge, and compassion towards helping me resolve a dispute that I had involving child custody. I would most highly recommend others for Ashley's services. After calling around to numerous law firms in search for an attorney, Ashley's professionalism and willingness to actually listen then terminated my search as her confidence from years of practice provided me with a sense of reassurance.

As any parent, the last thing anyone would want to think about is spending time away from there child, all while trying to reassure the mental, physical, psychological, and emotional well-being of their child is placed into good care. Not only was there a great amount of dedication shown towards the best interest of my child, but also readiness and execution. Through mediation, classes that were to be attended, legal documents, and the "whole-nine", Ashley came very well prepared and was skillful in helping me adjust to what seemed to be the most "dramatic" time of my life. When I was not there mentally with a clear focus, Ashley always respectfully helped me regroup my emotions and kept a clear level-headed position through it all! Like with any case there can be a lot of ups and downs and trying to receive the appropriate advise can be a bit overwhelming.

With getting advise, availability was never a concern with the Littman Group, anytime I had a question or needed to talk to someone right away, if Ashley was assisting other clients, someone was always there to listen. As time got closer to court, having never been involved with the legal system before, my nerves were all over the place. Ashley delivered her skills not only with the my child's best interested in mind, but also my concerns and in result, I left the court room feeling my first sign of relief in nearly three years. I strongly recommend Ashley Emerson's services to others who may be in the same position that I was once in, when feeling the threat of having to introduce your child to a way of life."

-- Jacquee

"Calm, compassionate, and effective.

My case included a variety of variables that could have potentially created high amounts of anxiety. Despite the uncertainty, I felt calm through the entire process thanks to the knowledgeable and competent staff. David Littman's gentle, yet assertive demeanor was incredibly helpful in providing me with reassurance that everything would work out in the end. And it did... I couldn't be more pleased with their professionalism and the compassionate manner in which they supported my family through this very sad and difficult time. Thank you!"

-- Family Law Client

"David came into our lives at a very confusing (and potentially devastating) time. Going through a divorce is hard enough, add a special needs child and their best interest, and you can have a pretty messy experience. I knew that my struggles as a single parent were bound to be hard, but the calm demeanor and professionalism that David exudes saved my sanity and spared many of my fears.

David provided wonderful advice in a very clear and calm manner. He was prompt in handling even the smaller details of my case and providing quick counsel when little incidents would arise-- such as exchanges during custodial visitations. David was also extremely respectful to what I perceived as the "unique details" of my family dynamic. He made a great recommendation about seeking additional help from a professional therapist to create parental schedules and modifications that are supportive of a special needs child.

I learned many important things in my marriage and divorce. But the primary reason I think I "survived" (and in fact, began to "thrive") post divorce was because David helped me understand about healthy expectations. He taught me how to create a non-hostile environment with my ex-spouse so that we could eventually co-parent with success. And what I learned has carried over in so many aspects of my life. I am very grateful for his commitment to my family during a very difficult time."

"Rebecca is amazing! I went through a very high conflict divorce, including custody issues. There were MANY different problems that arose during the course of the proceedings, but Rebecca remained not only a sounding board, but also a rational, highly professional, respectable attorney. She listened, provided a variety of options, and listened whole-heartedly to help provide the best possible outcome. Not only was it more than I expected, but she will forever be recommended by me to ANY family needing help from things that are out of their control. She remains firm, and does a very well-thought out presentation when dealing with confrontational other attorneys. I would highly recommend her to anyone! I cannot say enough good things about her!"

"I had a very long, drawn out divorce with every issue under the sun. Child custody, large amounts of money, protection orders etc. Ashley helped me through all of this and I ended up with the amount of custody I was asking for along with a bunch of my assets protected. The outcome that came was better then I had imagined and I am very grateful to not only have Ashley and the Littman firm as my lawyer but I also consider them all friends."

-- Luke